We are an exclusive partner for MapInfo - world’s premier desktop mapping application. With MapInfo’s GIS based solutions make and share maps as beautiful as they are intelligent. Easily combine data, analytics and base maps to discover insights you won’t find in spreadsheets or charts.

Visualise data in less time than ever and update themes, layers and legends instantly. Take advantage of our next generation raster GIS capabilities with MapInfo Pro Advanced. Integrate MapInfo Pro with your existing IT systems. It’s totally compatible with today’s most common PC data formats as well as relational and spatial databases.

MapInfo Pro™ v17

MapInfo Pro™ v17 features stronger performance improvements from top to bottom. With support for massive files, outstanding platform stability and award-winning raster capabilities, you can create your most powerful visualizations and spatial analytics. Plus, extreme processing speeds and a highly intuitive design help you reach business decisions sooner.

  • Easier to use
  • Customized experience
  • Total data compatibility
  • Powerful raster GIS
  • Location Intelligence Suite

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