Installation and Deployment

Trident offers Deployment services with maximum IT initiative success rates and no operational disruptions and risk. At Trident we follow a life cycle model which involves Planning, Designing, Implementing, Benchmarking and Optimizing the deployment.

Trident’s Deployment Services encompasses :

  • Requests management
  • Processing of requests
  • Work around
  • Resolution
  • Root cause analysis
Key Benefits

Quality & Risk:

  • Ensure minimal impact to existing operations
  • Bypass the learning curve through our expertise and automation processes
  • Industry Best Practices to deploy your solution efficiently and effectively
  • Streamlined project planning, tracking and reporting
  • Documentation and every phase of the deployment

Cost & Effort:

  • Allow internal resources to focus on your core business
  • Alleviate the significant burden and cost of refocusing your IT team
  • Immediate access to skilled resources and product experts
  • No overhead cost for additional training and startup
  • Reduce lifecycle costs and compliance risks

Time to Market:

  • Utilization of best-in-class automation tools and techniques
  • Consistent service delivery at multiple deployments
  • Flexibility in resource augmentation and reduction as required