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Trident Solutions is an IT Services & Product company serving a diverse range of enterprise and telecom customers by providing innovative solutions to help them stay ahead in their IT needs. A steady growth and predictive cash flow oriented IT services business has ensured our solutions and services to be more generic and independent.

Our inherent management and domain strengths backed by small, strong and responsive teams have built Trident Solutions as a well established and fast growing business. Inherent means, Trident’s highly skilled and experienced pool of innovative, aggressive and smart working professionals run Trident – A company run by its people.

Trident Solutions, focus on using innovative delivery models and proven quality processes to deliver cost-effective solutions for the customers. Our key service offerings include E-Business solutions, Client-Server Application Development, Outsourcing services, Systems Integration, Application Software, Strategic Consulting and development of comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.

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The world’s premier desktop mapping application

Trident solutions offer Location based Service, which lets devices determine their location based on network infrastructure like Wi-Fi access points and cell towers. This network based location service complements satellite based navigation systems like A-GPS. Combined these two approaches are one of the foundations for enabling context aware applications. This open service relies on a community of contributors, ranging from data, developers on top of the service to organizations sharing information about their infrastructure.Trident solutions is an exclusive partner for map info in Tamilnadu for its products

As a powerful 64-bit application with optional raster grid analysis capabilities, the world’s premier desktop mapping application lets you create, analyze and share spatial information like never before. Experience the latest releases and take GIS to new places.

MapInfo Pro™ v16

The latest release of the world’s premier desktop mapping and GIS application just got simpler, faster and smarter. Enhanced in so many ways, the newest version of MapInfo Pro software lets you visualize data and capitalize on those insights in less time than ever. It’s never been easier to be more precise, productive and successful.

  • New interactive interface for thematic mapping
  • On demand access to global geocoding included
  • Improved support for OGC standards, including WMTS
  • Faster, more intuitive Layout Designer
  • Significant raster GIS improvements with MapInfo Pro™ Advanced and much more

MapInfo Pro™ Advanced v16

Mapinfo Pro Advanced introduces a new capability to enhance the display quality of raster data in your Map windows when you zoom in past the base resolution in the stored raster data file. The new visualization options are referred as “Underviews”. This capability was introduced in the 15.2.2 x64 patch release as a “Technical Preview” feature and will be formally released as part of the upcoming v16.0 release.

When you zoom in on a raster file such that Map zoom level goes beyond 100% for that raster you begin to exceed the original resolution of the raster. When this occurs there is no more data in the source raster to display on the screen so the original data pixels just get replicated on the screen which causes the pixels to become obvious and the visual quality to decrease. This behavior results in pixelated looking images when you zoom in too far for the data resolution. To address this quality issue, MapInfo Pro Advanced introduces some new display resampling methods to enhance and smooth data when you zoom in beyond the base resolution of the source file. When enabled, these new display resampling methods will maintain a smooth and high quality appearance to the raster data even once you zoom in beyond the resolution of the individual pixels.

  • Support for creating grids from multiple files (including LiDAR/.LAS datasets)
  • Additional capabilities in the powerful Grid Calculator
  • New grid interpolation methods