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We are an IT Services & Product company serving a diverse range of enterprise and telecom customers by providing innovative solutions to help them stay ahead in their IT needs. A steady growth and predictive cash flow oriented IT services business has ensured our solutions and services to be more generic and independent.

Our inherent management and domain strengths backed by small, strong and responsive teams have built Trident Solutions as a well established and fast growing business. Inherent means, Trident’s highly skilled and experienced pool of innovative, aggressive and smart working professionals run Trident – A Company run by its PEOPLE.

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Location Intelligence Solution

The growing demand for location analytics and GIS only increases in pace with time. Trident solutions is an exclusive partner for MapInfo - world’s premier desktop mapping application. With MapInfo’s GIS based solutions make and share maps as beautiful as they are intelligent. Easily combine data, analytics and base maps to discover insights you won’t find in spreadsheets or charts.

Visualise data in less time than ever and update themes, layers and legends instantly. Take advantage of our next generation raster GIS capabilities with MapInfo Pro Advanced. Integrate MapInfo Pro with your existing IT systems. It’s totally compatible with today’s most common PC data formats as well as relational and spatial databases.

MapInfo ProTM v16

The latest release of the world’s premier desktop mapping and GIS application just got simpler, faster and smarter. Enhanced in so many ways, the newest version of MapInfo Pro software lets you visualize data and capitalize on those insights in less time than ever. It’s never been easier to be more precise, productive and successful.

  • New interactive interface for thematic mapping
  • On demand access to global geocoding included
  • Improved support for OGC standards, including WMTS
  • Faster, more intuitive Layout Designer
  • Significant raster GIS improvements with MapInfo ProTM Advanced and much more

MapInfo ProTM Advanced v16

Mapinfo Pro Advanced introduces a new capability to enhance the display quality of raster data in your Map windows when you zoom in past the base resolution in the stored raster data file. The new visualization options are referred as “Underviews”.

  • Support for creating grids from multiple files (including LiDAR/.LAS datasets)
  • Additional capabilities in the powerful Grid Calculator
  • New grid interpolation methods

Staffing Services

If your in-house staff is missing a certain skillset, or you need to ramp up quickly, we provide the necessary talent. Building a remote team with our experts gives you flexibility, power, and full control over your projects. Plus, working with us is as easy as working with your in-house coworkers.

Software that runs on a single platform cannot fulfill all the needs of modern-day businesses; we offer a wide range of services that cover a variety of technologies.

Application Development


Trident offers services with maximum IT initiative success rates and no operational disruptions and risk. At Trident we follow a life cycle model which involves Planning, Designing, Implementing, Benchmarking and Optimizing the deployment.

We follow software development best practices to combine different technologies together to develop a maintainable and scalable final product.

Agile Methodologies

We follow Lean, Agile, SCRUM that best suites the project development. Agile development focus on sustainable development. Sustainability is about good estimation, effective branching strategies for managing code, automated testing to protect quality, and continuous deployment to get fast feedback from our customers.

Code Reviews

Part of our development strategy we organize code reviews. Code review helps our developers learn the code base, as well as help them learn new technologies and techniques that grow their skill sets. Also helps facilitate knowledge sharing across the code base and across the team.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration enables the practice of routinely integrating code changes into the main branch of a repository, and testing the changes, as early and often as possible. Ideally, our developers will integrate their code daily, if not multiple times a day.

Automated testing

Automated testing tools can play back predefined actions. Once created, automated tests can be run over and over again at no additional cost, and are faster than manual tests.

Awards & Achievements

We were awarded “Best Emerging Location Intelligence Partner of the year (2016)” by Pitney Bowes

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